A hygiene solution to healthy livestock

🇩🇰 With Danish origins

FarmSan Dry + cleaning powder for healthy livestock has an added Danish component which makes the absorbing of moisture and neutralising of ammonia extra powerful. Clayey diatomite, also known as Moler in Danish, contains approx. 2/3 diatom frustules from seashells and 1/3 clay minerals, mostly montmorillonite. Clayey diatomite is only found in a specific area of Northern Denmark: Fur, Mors, and Thy.


Efficient and safe control of the environment in the stable and coop

Effective cleaning and hygiene are essential conditions for the healthy production of livestock. FarmSan Dry + is a safe and thoroughly tested cleaning powder with absorbent properties. It decreases moisture on the ground and in the air, bacteria, fungi, and odor from all kinds of livestock, thus minimizing the spread of disease between animals. Minimizing the exposure to potential disease in the stable and coop creates more time for increased, efficient, and safe production.

Improved conditions for poultry production

Using FarmSan Dry + in poultry production benefits the health of the animal in several ways.
Poultry feet pads are prone to burns from walking on ground high in ammonia. FarmSan Dry + binds ammonia, and neutralizes the pH level and odor, and keeps the litter/bedding dry. FarmSan Dry + also lowers the bacterial growth and has shown to be effective at decreasing red mites in layer houses.
The improved conditions created by FarmSan Dry + results in lower mortality and cases of salmonella, better growth, increased weight, and less illnesses caused by E-coli in poultry production.

What is moler?

Moler is a form of diatomite, which has it geological origins from the Early Eocene period. Moler can be found in a defined area on the western part of The Limfjord in Northern Denmark and under parts of the North Sea. Moler is also known as the Fur Formation, and is commonly found in Fur, Mors, and Thy. In these areas Moler is identified as light, in dry conditions almost white, firm soil. Moler consists of diatom frustules from seashells, clay minerals, with layers of volcanic ash. Moler is very light and porous, and has a long history of being used for its absorbing properties.

FarmSan Dry +

  • Is non-toxic and does not harm livestock, humans, or the environment.
  • Can be used in all kinds of livestock production.
  • Reduces the need for medicine and excessive cleaning.

For all livestock


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